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Rhode Island Manufacturers: Do you provide products for the defense industry and wish to diversify your offerings? Are you ready to push your company forward? Do you have what it takes to innovate? Take the Challenge!
The Manufacturing Innovation Challenge is a competitive business development opportunity for RI manufacturers, supplying the defense industry, to access expertise, hands-on design and product development talent, and the opportunity to apply for funding to implement recommendations.

The Manufacturing Innovation Challenge consists of three phases that take a company through the process to assess, implement and catalyze
The assessment program is both an opportunity to focus on strategy for your organization, and to identify actionable items to benefit your company. The assessments are confidential, for your benefit, and the gateway to opportunities to apply for additional resources. Awarded manufacturers will meet with a multidisciplinary team of experts who will take a fresh-eyes look at the operation—making recommendations around areas of risk and opportunity.
There is more than $1M of federal funding to be awarded to benefit Rhode Island Manufacturing Companies. Use this form to show your company's potential to grow and develop your business.
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Application Questions

The following information will be kept confidential and is required solely to evaluate companies that meet the criteria established by the Manufacturing Innovation Challenge initiative.

What is your company’s current outlook? *
Including pass-through revenues, SSTR and DoD-funded SBIR grants, what percentage of your company’s revenues derived from the defense sector over the last 24 months? *

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The Manufacturing Innovation Challenge, a program of Polaris MEP, in partnership with Commerce RI, is made possible by a grant to Commerce RI from the Office of Economic Adjustment, U.S. Department of Defense.
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