Quilting by the Bay 2023
Peninsula Quilters 23rd Quilt Show
Sports Basement
202 Walnut Street, Redwood City,CA 94063
September 23 10AM - 6PM
September 24 10AM - 5PM
Quilt Show Entry Rules, Guidelines & Procedures
  • Submit entry form and waiver as soon as possible, but no later than August 25, 2023.

  • Use one form for each entry.

  • Processing fee is $5.00 total for any number of quilts you enter. Please pay by cash or check (made out to Peninsula Quilters), when you drop off your quilt.

  • Rank all your entries (e.g., #1, #2, etc.). In the event we have too many entries, your notation will help us decide which ones to put in the show.

  • Quilt tops must be made by a PQ member. 

  • Entries displayed in previous PQ Quilt shows are ineligible for entry. It is permissible to enter quilts previously shown in other shows (e.g., County Fair, SF Quilt Show, PIQF, etc.).

  • A "quilt" is defined as a layered sandwich consisting of a fabric top, a middle layer (batting) and a backing, in which layers are held together by stitching.

  • All entries MUST be accompanied by a color-accurate photo of the entry.  Label hardcopy photo with your name, entry title and quilt size. Preferred electronic format is jpeg, low-to-medium resolution. Photos allow us to plan our show layout/floor plan prior to receiving quilts.
  • All quilts must have a 4-inch inch sleeve stitched to the top of the quilt back for displaying. A link to sleeve directions is posted on our web site under Quilting by the Bay.

  • The maximum size is 80 inches wide and 90 inches long. 
  • Quilts must be clean and free of animal hair.

  • In addition to your own label, fill out the label provided on the entry form and sew it to the lower right hand corner on the back of your quilt  No Pins Please.

  • Please bring the CLAIM CHECK for each entry when delivering entries for show. A Quilt Show representative will provide an I.D. Number and sign the claim check to indicate the entry was received. This claim check is your receipt and will be required to reclaim your quilt at the end of the show.


Drop entries off September 11 - 18 to Jess Millikan, 812 Laurelwood Drive, San Mateo. Call for an appointment at (415) 509-6083

Pick up will be Sunday, September 24, 7-9PM, or Monday, September 25, 10-noon at the home of Ruth Gilroy, 37 Fulton Street, Redwood City.


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Would you be open to selling your piece (please note: PQ will only make introductions between interested parties)? *

I wish to provide an entry for the Peninsula Quilters “Quilting by the Bay 2023” Show and I agree to abide by the quilt contest rules that accompanied the entry form(s). I understand that Peninsula Quilters will take every precaution to protect my quilt exhibited in the show. I realize that they cannot be responsible for acts of nature and others beyond their control. I understand and assume that I bear the risk of all loss to my property, and it is up to me to properly insure my entry against any and all risks if I so choose. I also grant Peninsula Quilters the right to photograph this entry for PQ files, education, publicity and/or promotional purposes in either print or electronic media.
This waiver shall apply to all entries provided for the Peninsula Quilters Quilting by the Bay 2023.
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