Online Rental Application

     Non-Refundable Application Fee - $30.00 Per Applicant     
(payable at the end of this application with any major credit card)

Your application to rent a home with Coasting Home, Inc. requires completion of the following form so their screening agency Resident Research, LLC can conduct the background check. Your electronic signature on the Authorization to Release Consumer Information page will allow Resident Research, LLC to verify the information you provide and share its results with Coasting Home.

The application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Before you begin, you should be prepared with your driver license number; complete current and past residence addresses; contact information for current and past landlords to whom you paid your rent; employment information including supervisor name and phone; last 2 most recent pay stubs. [HINT: if you photograph and save jpegs of your DL and paystubs now, you can upload them into the app to save even more time.] If there are additional adult occupants they will need to complete a separate application. If you are applying with a spouse that person should be ready with the same above information.

An associate from Resident Research, LLC may need to contact you for additional information during the verification process. To avoid delay, please respond promptly. If you need assistance with the application contact Coasting Home, or Resident Research, LLC at 800-566-2320 or by email at

An order summary page will confirm the information that you have submitted allowing you to review your entries and make any necessary changes. Please be careful to double check all the information. Once you place the order, you will not be able to modify the application.