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Thank you for your interest in an HRW Realty Corp managed property. After viewing the property, please review the following information before completing the application.

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 For retired or non-employed applicants or for additional income for applicants, including alimony, child support, disability, GI benefits, grants, investments, pension or retirement, savings or trust finds, official documentations stating monthly income and duration must be provided. Depending on the documentation provided, 3 consecutive bank statements may also be required.

A co-signer is acceptable if an applicant is unable to qualify for income only. The co-signer’s gross income must be 5 times the rent and a the cosigner must also complete and sign a separate application.

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Additional Application and Rental Policies

Payments Due

  • A binder fee equal to one month’s rent must be provided to HRW Realty Corp within 72 hours of application acceptance to secure the property. When the binder fee is received by HRW Realty Corp, the property will be taken off the market. If the binder fee is not provided within 72 hours of application approval, your application will be cancelled and other applicants considered. The binder fee will be applied to the security deposit when the lease is signed. If approved applicant(s) fail to sign a written lease or take possession of the property, the applicants understand and agree HRW Realty Corp will retain the binder fee in full satisfaction of any and all damages suffered by HRW Realty Corp or the property landlord for taking the property off the market
  • One full month’s rent and any applicable pet fee is due on or before the day your lease begins. A certified check or money order is required for both the binder fee and first month’s rent if your lease start date is 10 days or less from the application approval date. If your lease starts after the first of the month, your 2nd month rent payment will be prorated based on the lease dates of the first month.

 Lease Signing

  • To secure the property, a written lease must be signed within 72 hours of application acceptance. Preferably the lease will be reviewed and signed in our office (by appointment only) between 9:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Thursday or 9:30am to 1:00pm on Friday. For out of town applicants, the lease may be signed via DocuSign.

 Credit and Rental History

  • Application approval is conditional on a good credit and rental history. A credit score above at least 580 is required for approval. Applicants with delinquent, collection and charge-off accounts may be considered with an additional security deposit equal to one month’s rent. A good rental history includes no more than 1 late payment or NSF payment in a 12 month period. Eviction filings within the past 7 years, bankruptcy within the last year, or a bankruptcy which is not discharged or dismissed will result in automatic denial. 

 Criminal History

  • A criminal background check is completed for anyone 18 years or older. The application will be denied for any felony convictions in the last 7 years for illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, bodily harm or intentional damage of property and for any felony convictions for sexual offenses. Application approval will be conditional for all sex, drug, theft or violent misdemeanor convictions.