Non-Refundable Application Fee - $60/Applicant
(this fee is required to be paid in order to submit your application with a major credit card)


                                               BEFORE FILLING OUT APPLICATION           



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We are pledged to the letter and spirit of the U. S. Policy for the achievement of Equal Housing Opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support a program in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin.

All applicants must see the interior of the property before a lease can be submitted. The property must be accepted in an AS IS condition before an application can be accepted, except where there is written agreement for repairs with the owner. If so, that agreement will become part of the lease.  Verbal representations are non-binding.

Processing Time Frame:

Processing an application normally takes between 2-3 days.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, some applications may take longer.  You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial.  Upon approval, you will have 48 hours to complete all lease requirements for the property for which the application is submitted.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicant understands and agrees that multiple applications may be taken by Landlord or Management for the same property and Landlord or Management may approve who they wish even if multiple applicants apply. Applicant understands the application fee is nonrefundable  under all circumstances. 
  2. Every line of the application must be filled out and the application signed by the applicant. NO APPLICATION WILL BE APPROVED THAT IS NOT FULLY COMPLETED AND SIGNED.A completed application is one that is completely filled out, signed and all required documents submitted.
  3. The application fee is $60.00* per adult person and each person over 18 years of age must complete a separate application and sign the lease as a responsible party.  Please note that the application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  4. Valid current photo documentation (driver's license, military or state ID) is required with each application.
  5. Your credit history will be checked. Minimum credit score required is 550 (average of all applicants). Some properties may require a higher credit score.
  6. A criminal criminal background check will be processed. Felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance within the last 7 years, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property, sexual related offenses for any time period  this is cause for denial. 

  7. Residency must be verified for a minimum of twenty four (24) months.  Rental history must be rated satisfactory or better. Evictions and owing a landlord is cause for denial.
  8. Applicant must meet all requirements of criteria; if there is more than one (1) applicant, then  income can be combined to min monthly income requirement:
                    -Gross monthly income must be three (3) times the monthly rent.
                    -Income may be verified by pay stubs, bank statement, and court statements.
                    -Co-signors are accepted at the manager's discretion only and must meet
                     all requirements, and live in the state of Florida.

Procedures and Policies:

  1. No properties are held for more than two (2) weeks unless approved by the owner.
  2. The application must be complete and signed.  If you are in the military, please submit the most current LES.
  3. All information collected for the approval or denial of this application is considered confidential in nature and for company use only.
  4. Number of occupants must be in compliance with HUD standards in addition to any guidelines promulgated by the covenants and restrictions for the applicant residence. The occupancy guidelines are as follows: 2 heartbeats per bedroom.
  5. The number of vehicles must be in compliance with the guidelines established by the city, other local government entities, or promulgated by the covenants and restrictions to the applicable residence.  Many communities including condominium and townhome development explicitly allow for only two cars per households. The same guideline applies for townhomes with one car garage.  Two car garages typically restrict residents to three (3) cars per household, wherein two cars must first be inside the garage before the third can occupy the driveway.
  6. Due to the perceived and real liability with recreational devices such as trampolines and children's slides, most insurance companies are excluding coverage to policy holders with said devices. Therefore, as a condition of your application acceptance and lease terms, trampolines or slides are not allowed on any property leased through our office-at any point in time.  Any violation will be strictly enforced, including removal at the Lessee's expense.
  7. Keys will be release on the first (1st) day of occupancy.
  8. Landlord or Management  is under no obligation to approve pets for occupancy. The following pets will not be accepted under any circumstances : German Shepards, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows or Rottweilers, any mix of the aforementioned or any other breeds or mixture thereof of which Landlord or Management decides not to approve.
  9. If you have a pet, there is an additional pet fee application charge which is administered by a third party pet screening tool, plus a non-refundable pet fee and monthly pet fees.
  10. Risk Mitigation  Fee: If credit score on application is 619 or below (average between all applicants ), there will be an additional Risk Mitigation fee due with your rent. If at any time during your lease, you have raised your credit score average to a 620 or higher, the Risk Mitigation   fee can be removed for the following rent payment due date, with written notice to Landlord.
  11. An administrative fee of $150 per property address (covers lease prep and move in inspection) is due and collectable at lease signing, when security deposit is collected.
  12. Fees must be paid by money orders or U.S. Certified Funds and are non-refundable.
  13. Each applicant must provide photo identification.
  14. Application is not considered complete until all required paperwork and questions are answered and submitted. If another complete application is submitted it can be processed and approved before your incomplete application.
  15. Management may withdraw approval even after approval at any time before a lease agreement is fully executed for any reason.

As part of your application for residency with Rental Guys you need to fill out the proceeding background questionnaire so that the Company can conduct a background check about you. As part of that process, you will need to electronically sign a Notice and Authorization form ("Authorization Form") consenting to these checks. This Authorization Form will allow Resident Research, LLC, to verify the information you provide and share its results with Rental Guys.

The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and we recommend that you double check the information you provide to ensure there is no delay with your application for residency.

An associate from Resident Research, LLC may contact you for additional information during the verification process. Please respond promptly so the background verification can be completed as quickly as possible so as not to delay the approval process.

If you need any assistance while filling out the application you may contact the Rental Guys Management Team at erin@rentalguyspropertymanagement.com or our background agency, Resident Research, LLC, at 800-566-2320 or by e-mail at info@residentresearch.com.

An order summary page will confirm the information that you have submitted allowing you to review your order and make any necessary changes. Please be careful to double check all the information you provide. Once you place the order, you will not be able to modify or change it.


We do not rent properties sight unseen. You or someone you assign must view it. *