Non-Refundable Application Fee - $55.00/Adult Applicant
(required to be paid when submitting an application with a major credit card)
  • All persons 18 years or older must submit an application with a non-refundable $55 application fee. If applicants are married to each other, the above still applies.
  • Non-Refundable Administrative Fee-Upon approval, I agree to pay a $125 non-refundable administrative fee due prior to move-in.

  • If you have difficulty uploading supporting documents, please email them to

Thank you for considering one of the properties we manage. We welcome your application. Note some important information as you prepare to complete your application.


    • Must Earn 3x the Monthly Rent 
    • Residence History 
    • Employment Verification 
    • Credit Check 
    • Criminal Background Check 
    • Proof of Renter’s Insurance
    • Pet Screening


All applicants must provide a copy of current photo identification with their completed application. (A driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification card is acceptable)

·         Applications are reviewed in the order in which we receive them.

·         All persons 18 years or older must submit an application with a non-refundable $45 application fee. 

·         All applications must be filled out completely and signed.

·         If we are unable to verify your information, we must deny the application.


Rental History Requirements:

Applicants must indicate name, address, and telephone number of current and previous landlords for 2 years. We will verify the current & previous rental history. Applicants with a negative rental history may not be accepted. Examples of negative history include but are not limited to evictions, default of the lease, non-payment of rent, or damages to home or apartment. If adverse rental history is accepted, deposits will be double. For applicants with no rental history, the deposit will double. 

Criminal History Requirements:

Felony or Misdemeanor Involving:

      • Physical violence to any person(s) or where assault is an essential element of the offense
      • The manufacture, sale, and/or distribution of illegal drugs/controlled substances
      • Harassment or peeping
      • A sexually related offense

Felony Involving:

      • Unlawful use or possession of a weapon

* Applicants with recent multiple misdemeanors will not be accepted.

Pet Policy:

We strive to help ensure mutual accountability and responsibility for the benefit of all our residents. It’s imperative that ALL our residents fully understand and acknowledge our pet and animal-related policies. This also includes tenants that do not own a pet or animal. We require EVERYONE to complete a third-party screening ( and review process. This quick and easy process ensures we have your pet and animal-related policy acknowledgments, pet/animal history and records, and legal attestation of truthfulness and accuracy on file. 

Some of our rental units will not allow pets. You must notify PPA Properties, LLC, first to ensure that the property owner permits pets. The following dog breeds are restricted: Restricted breeds Pit Bull, Doberman Pincher, Rottweiler, Chow Chow, Staffordshire Terrier, and Bull Mastiff. There is a non-refundable $200 Pet fee for each pet. At PPA Properties, LLC, we conduct at least one pet inspection on pet approved units per year. The fee is $75 per inspection, which will be added to your tenant ledger.  

Note that no visiting pets/animals are allowed at any time.

***If misrepresentations are found after the lease agreement is signed, the lease agreement will be terminated.