Secure Online Rental Application

Non-Refundable Application Fee is Required
$60.00 PER ADULT 18 & OVER
(payable at the end of this application with a major credit card)

Thank you for your interest in a rental property managed by Park Avenue Properties. PLEASE READ THIS PARAGRAPH IN ITS ENTIRETY PRIOR TO SUBMITTING AN APPLICATION SO YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND OUR APPLICATION PROCESS. We often receive multiple applications for the same exact property.  All rental properties listed on our website are currently available although other applications might have been submitted by other prospects prior to your application submission and are actively being processed.  Please note that many applications are not recommended and our firm has a contractual obligation to the rental property's owner to keep their rental property listed on our website until a recommended application is received.  By way of example, it is VERY possible that you could submit an application on a specific property now and while your application is being processed another applicant that submitted his/her application prior to your submission could be recommended thus changing the status of the specific property to unavailable.  If this scenario happens and your application is still recommended then you will have up to thirty (30) days to transfer your application, at no charge, to another property (with the same monthly rent rate or less) for the owner's review and acceptance.  If you find an alternate property with a higher monthly rent rate than the property listed on your original application then we will re-evaluate your income-to-rent ratio to ensure you are still recommended. CREDIT AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS ARE ELECTRONICALLY PROCESSED BY OUR NATIONWIDE SCREENING PARTNER IMMEDIATELY UPON PAYMENT AND SUBMISSION; THEREFORE, APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have any questions regarding our review/screening process and/or the overall application process we recommend you contact us BEFORE submitting your on-line application.  You can contact us during business hours (M-F, 9am-6pm EST) at 1-888-3PARKAVE or email Thank you!

The following items are required from ALL potential adult residents and/or guarantors:

  • A completed application form. (All adult occupants or guarantors must be listed as an applicant)

  • A $60.00 application fee per adult applicant / guarantor listed on the application.

  • If you have a pet there is an additional per pet application charge which is administered by a third-party pet screening tool.
  • If you are retired, send copies of your most recent SSI statement, VA Benefits statement, Retirement Benefits statement or past 3 months bank statements showing these statement deposits.

  • Copies of your two most recent pay stubs or your most recent 1040 and schedule C or E (in the event you are self-employed or 1099) from each adult applicant / guarantor. If you are relocating or starting new employment, please send a copy of intent to hire letter or transfer/location-independent letter.

  • A copy of a valid driver's license or photo ID from each adult applicant / guarantor.

In addition to the above items, we recommend contacting your current landlord or property manager (if you are renting) to notify them Park Avenue Properties will be in touch for a rental reference.


Acceptance of the Above Terms *