(this fee is required to be paid in order to submit your application with a major credit card)

Thanks for applying with REMIS Properties. In order to complete your application in a timely manner, please follow all necessary guidelines listed below.

  1. Please fill out the application completely. Do not leave any spaces blank, if a section does not apply to you please enter N/A.

  2. For each person applying please include a copy of a photo ID.

  3. For each person applying please include the most recent paycheck stub. If you are self-employed please include most recent tax return or 4 months of bank statements that show your balance.

Please contact the corresponding property manager for the property in which you are interested in prior to applying, to make sure that the unit is still available. Also, please note that other applicants may be applying for the same property. If that is the case the most qualified applicant will be approved.

Pursuant to Fair Housing Laws, REMIS Properties shall neither refuse to lease a home to any person because of age, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, handicaps or familial status of the applicants nor discriminate in the terms offered or the services rendered.