Secure Online Rental Application

Non-Refundable Application Fee: $45.00 per Adult
(payable at the end of this application with any major credit card)

Tenant Selection Criteria 

We will allow anyone the opportunity to apply.  Review our Criteria for Rental and if you feel you qualify, please apply.  If you have any questions please call us at 919-678-3222.


Application Approval Requirements for Leaseholders

 Tenant Selection Criteria

We will accept as a tenant any person who submits an accurate, complete application for an available home; meets the standards set forth below; and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by Management. We support the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap, age or familial status. Every person 18 years & older must submit an application.

 Income Requirements:

The monthly rental rate cannot exceed 1/3 of the resident's monthly household total disposable income. Applicants must prove income via current pay stubs from a local company or equivalent for 1 year. The income verified must be stable and not be temporary or seasonal work. Unverified income for the past year causes the deposit to increase to double deposit.

 Credit History Requirements: 

*Applicants with any unpaid collections if accepted, deposit will be increased $150, or up to the amount of the collections.

*Applicants with a limited recent history of late payments, but current to date, if accepted, deposit may be increased $150 extra.

Rental History Requirements:

Applicants must indicate name, address, and telephone number of current and previous landlords for 2 years. We will verify current & previous rental history. Applicants with negative rental history may not be accepted. Examples of negative history include but are not limited to evictions, default of lease, non-payment of rent, or damages to home or apartment. If negative rental history is accepted, deposits will be double. Applicants with no rental history, deposit will double, and must meet the income and credit history requirements.

Criminal History Requirements:

* Criminal convictions that involve moral turpitude, integrity or honesty will not be accepted.

* Criminal convictions that involve physical violence or endangering the health or safety of another person will not be accepted.

* Criminal convictions in connection with the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will not be accepted.

* Applicants with recent multiple misdemeanors will not be accepted.

Pet Policy:

Some our rental units will not allow pets. If you have a pet or plan to have a pet please contact our office to discuss if your pet will be permitted prior to submitting your application. If pets are permitted the following conditions apply: Up to 3 pets or animals may be accepted of many types and 3 is the maximum. No vicious, unruly, difficult or dangerous pets/animals allowed. All pets/animals must be always friendly to strangers. A pet/animal registration fee of $200 per pet/animal will be charged for the pet/animal. All pets/animals must have a complete local Veterinarian file provided prior to move-in. Seeing-eye dogs are permitted with written physician's statement at no additional cost. No pets are allowed except with the written permission of Management. 

No visiting pets/animals allowed at any time.


If misrepresentations are found after the lease agreement is signed, the lease agreement will be terminated.


All applicants must provide a copy of current photo identification with their completed application. (A driver’s license or other government issued photo identification card is acceptable)

  • Applications are reviewed in the order in which we receive them.
  • All persons 18 years or older must submit an application with a non-refundable $45 application fee. If applicants are married to each other, the above still applies.
  • All applications must be filled out completely and signed.
  • If we are unable to verify your information, we must deny the application.

Applicants are qualified on the same standards, one person or family at a time, on a “first come first served” basis.

Once you are approved you will be notified by phone and we will schedule an appointment for your move in process.  All Leaseholders must sign the lease agreement.

As part of your application for residency that will be prepared for The Property Firm, LLC. you need to fill out the proceeding background questionnaire so that the company can conduct a background check about you. As part of that process, you will need to electronically sign a Notice and Authorization form ("Authorization Form") consenting to these checks. This Authorization Form will allow Resident Research, LLC, to verify the information you provide and share its results with The Property Firm, LLC.

The questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and we recommend that you double check the information you provide to ensure there is no delay with your application for residency.

An associate from Resident Research, LLC may contact you for additional information during the verification process. Please respond promptly so the background verification can be completed as quickly as possible so as not to delay the approval process.

If you need any assistance while filling out the application you may contact The Property Firm, LLC or our background screening agency, Resident Research, LLC, at 800-566-2320 or by e-mail at

An order summary page will confirm the information that you have submitted allowing you to review your order and make any necessary changes. Please be careful to double check all the information you provide. Once you place the order, you will not be able to modify or change it.