Waverly Pet Rescue Foster Application

**To foster a Waverly Pet Rescue cat/dog you must have cat/dog experience as an adult and an excellent vet reference for past and current pets. It must be your vet reference, not your parents. We do not allow first time pet owners to foster. **

Your application will be DENIED:
-if all animals in your household are not spayed/neutered AND up-to-date on shots. Wait to apply until they all are.
-if you have Drugs, Assault, Domestic Abuse or similar charges on your record. We do background checks in all states.


Fill in all answers, do not leave any spots blank or it may not work. You will get an automated email after submitting this application letting you know we received it. If you do not get that email, please let us know or please try the application again. Thanks!




Waverly Pet Rescue

PO Box 291

Waverly, IA 50677


Our purpose is to place an animal in a responsible home where it will receive veterinary care when needed, and where it will be controlled so as to not become a free roaming animal, or add to the surplus of animals already in the community. All homes must be indoors.

In order to be considered to be a foster today you must be 21 years of age, have knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household, have a valid Id with current address, your landlord’s name and phone number.


Understand that your WAVERLY PET RESCUE foster application must be approved and we reserve the right to refuse any foster.

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In adopting this pet, the owner agrees to:

1.        Accept and keep the dog / cat as a companion.

2.        Provide humane care – giving pet proper food, water, shelter, exercise, and attention.

3.        See that a veterinarian gives this pet regular preventative care and immediate medical attention when it becomes ill or injured.

4.        Not permit the animal to be used for vivisection or experimentation.

5.        Comply with all state, county, and municipal laws pertaining to animals.

6.        Indemnifies and holds harmless Waverly Pet Rescue for any damages which the pet may do to any person or property.

7.        Return the animal to Waverly Pet Rescue if it can no longer receive adequate care (food, shelter, affection and attention).




WAVERLY PET RESCUE reserves the right to REFUSE fostering of an animal to a home that does not meet the above standards. This includes the right to follow up and remove the animal if:


1.      The animal is not receiving adequate care.

2.      The animal is being abused.

3.      The cat or dog is allowed to roam outside unsupervised by its owner. 



If the following statement is checked, it applies to the animal I am fosterinh:
__________I have been fully informed that the animal has previously bitten someone and assume any and all risk for the animal and indemnify WAVERLY PET RESCUE and hold it harmless for any further actions of this animal.                                               


By signing below I certify that I have read all the above information and have provided all true information. I recognize that any misrepresentation of facts may result in my losing the privilege of adopting or fostering a pet. I understand that Waverly Pet Rescue has the right to deny my request to foster an animal, and I authorize investigation of all statements in this application. I understand that this application is the property of Waverly Pet Rescue.

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