Interim Leaders Time reporting
All timecards should be signed and submitted at the end of your last shift.  
Final Deadline: Monday at 10:00 AM
You should be provided with a facility specific process for clocking in and out by your facility. This timecard is required as a back-up to ensure accurate and timely pay, per Emerald Health Services timecard policy.

Your facility requires you to enter time using Kronos


Please make sure to use the onsite kronos machines to clock in and out daily. Once you have completed the full week, please print a copy, take a picture or screen grab an image of your clock in for the week and submit it below. 



Your facility requires you to enter time into the Magnit Portal (formerly called Wand)

Click Here to visit portal. 


Per your facility's timekeeping process, all hours must be submitted into the Magnit portal by 11:59pm PT Saturday

** You do not need to enter clock in/out times. Please just select the date you worked. The systems will auto generate the hours. 

The following Magnit Training Guide will assist you with entering your time Magnit Instruction Guide
We ask that you submit a screenshot of your time above. This assures that if the facility makes any changes or has questions we have the original entry.
Per Federal and state laws all employees should be reporting their lunch times on their timecard. If your submitted timecard document does not have your clock in/out details, please fill in the below with details of your lunch.














Weekly Hours Worked
Reimbursments: All receipts must be clear, legible and contain Vendor Name, and dollar amounts. All Recipts should be itemized and submitted through our portal: Submit Reimbursements via Fyle
For help submitting reimbursements via Fyle, please click here: Help with Fyle
Forms and Quick Links: 
Direct Deposit                      Module Timesheet  
Perm Tax Declaration            W-4  
All sick hours MUST be entered into ADP via the tabs: "Myself", "Time Off", "Request Time Off". Please enter the dates and total amount of hours to be approved and processed by our payroll team.  Per Sick Law, IF you are in a state with a sick policy, you will start accruing hours on your first day but will need to wait 90 days in order to use it. IF you are eligible, please file all sick time in ADP via the “Myself”, “Time Off”, “Request Time Off” tabs in ADP when submitting time to Emerald. If you need assistance entering sick time in ADP please see the sick guide below:
How to Enter Sick in ADP

By submitting the attached Emerald timecard, I certify that all hours reported are an accurate record of all hours worked during the reported pay period.  I understand that if there is a variance between the hours reported on this timecard and the hours reported by the facility, I may be contacted for further clarification and/or approval. I acknowledge that per the timesheet submitted, I received all required meal and rest periods. If I did not receive my breaks, I spoke to the appropriate managers to ask for relief prior to working into my break or meal periods.


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